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"New Mentorship Program".

Our first client is heading to #2 in the Nation, Florida State on a scholarship for Beach Volleyball.  Click on the picture for more information.

Lexi McKeown

Lexi McKeown

    : ) Austin Volleyball Academy

    Phone: 512 786-2605

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    Current USA Women's National Team Head Coach, Karch Kiraly

    I had the honor of teaming with Adam for four seasons on the AVP Tour, after having played against him for many years, so I got to see his game from every perspective. Forming a beautiful forearm platform, he was one of the best passers and best controllers of the ball I’ve ever played with. He combined that ball control with an explosiveness and mobility that made him the best defensive player of his generation. Probably most impressive though, was the technical soundness of his armswing, which made him scary to face on defense and even scarier to face when he delivered his lethal jump-serve.”         Karch Kiraly



    “I grew up watching one of the greatest volleyball players ever, Adam Johnson, and picked different aspects of his game to emulate.  It is nice to see a player of his caliber and expertise giving back to the sport.  He has so much knowledge to share that can make each athlete better".

    Misty May Treanor

    AVA College bound athletes for 2017

    Kassy Doering:   California State University at San Marcos

    Freddie Paulson:   University of Chicago

    Remy Corbin:  Texas Lutheran University

    Alex Smith:  Schreiner University

    Katryna Dahlberg:  Rose-Holman Institute of Technology 

    Courtney Blanton:  Bethune-Cookman University 

    Caleigh Johnson:  Smith College

    9 out of 11 girls on our 18's will be playing at the next level in college.    :  )


    Austin Volleyball Academy  
    133 Carfree Circle, Austin, TX 78734  
    512 786-2605